We, the community of Prabhaspatan Visa Oswal Jain Sangh are the natives of holy place Prabhaspatan popularly known as Somnath Patan. Prabhaspatan is located on the sea shore of Saurashtra about 7 kms. south of Veraval (Vallabhipur) the popular harbor of Saurashtra, Gujarat. This is place where Lord Shivas world famous Somnath temple with its first Jyotirling is located. Prabhaspatan is located near Triveni Sangam where three sacred rivers Hiran, Saraswati and Kapila meet. This is the same place where Lord Krishna of Yadhav dynasty died. And this is the same place where our derasar (temple) of 8th Tirthankar Shree Chandraprabhu swami located with its most unique architectural design of nine Ghabharas.

We are the descendents of Oswals having our origin in a small village called Ossiya near Jodhpur in Rajastan. By religion we follow Jainism and are subcategorized as Jain Svetambur Murti-Pujak Sangh.

Prabhaspatan Visa Oswal Jain Sangh is a very small community having a population of around 1500. At present we are largely concentrated in Mumbai, Prabhaspatan and Veraval along with United States (USA) and United Kingdom (UK). By profession, we are the business class community.

We are proud of ours and our ancestors birthplace and ours. We welcome you to the Website of our Community Shree Prabhas Patan Visa Oswal Jain Sangh

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