How to Use a Hair Crimper

Hair crimpers have been around for decades and are still a popular hair styling tool. They are used to create crimped hair, which is a wavy or zigzag pattern. Crimpers come in different sizes, shapes, and materials, but they all work on the same principle of heat styling. Holding a hair crimper correctly is essential to achieve the desired results and prevent hair damage. In this article, we will discuss how to hold a hair crimper and some tips to get the best results.

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  1. Choose the Right Size

Before selecting a hair crimper, it’s important to consider the size of the tool. Crimpers come in various plate sizes, ranging from small to large. If you have short hair, a mini or small-sized crimper would be perfect. For longer hair, a medium or large-sized crimper would be ideal. Choose a size that suits your hair length and texture.

  1. Heat the Crimper

Most crimpers have adjustable heat settings, which allow you to choose the temperature that suits your hair type. It’s recommended to use a lower temperature on fine or damaged hair and a higher temperature on thick, coarse, or curly hair. Allow the crimper to heat up before use. It’s important to note that crimpers can get very hot, so be cautious when handling them.

  1. Section the Hair

Before using the crimper, it’s essential to prepare your hair. Section your hair into small sections and clip them away. It’s easier to work with small sections than larger ones. Using a hairbrush, detangle your hair to avoid any knots or tangles.

  1. Hold the Crimper Correctly

Hold the crimper by the handle and place the plates onto the section of hair. Make sure the plates are in contact with the hair and close the crimper firmly. Hold the crimper in place for a few seconds, depending on the heat setting and the texture of your hair. It’s recommended to start at the roots and work your way down towards the ends.

  1. Move the Crimper

Move the crimper down to the next section of hair and repeat the process until you have crimped all the sections. It’s important to keep the crimper in a horizontal position and avoid twisting it. This can cause the hair to tangle and create an uneven crimped pattern.

  1. Finish the Look

Once you have crimped all the sections, use a hairbrush to gently brush through the hair to achieve a softer look. You can also use a hair serum or oil to add shine and tame any frizz.

  1. Safety Tips

It’s important to handle the crimper with care to prevent any accidents or injuries. Always unplug the crimper after use and allow it to cool down before storing it away. Keep the cord away from any heat sources and avoid touching the plates when they are hot. Use a heat-resistant mat or pad to place the crimper on when not in use.

In conclusion, holding a hair crimper correctly is essential to achieve the desired results and prevent hair damage. Choose the right size, heat the crimper, section the hair, hold the crimper correctly, move it in a horizontal position, finish the look, and follow safety tips. With the right technique and practice, you can create a beautiful and unique crimped hairstyle that will turn heads.

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