Braided wigs are a popular and convenient option for people who want to change their hairstyle without having to sit through hours of braiding.

They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and can be worn for a variety of occasions, from everyday wear to special events. And if you’re new to wearing braided wigs, you may be wondering how to properly wear them.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know to confidently wear your braided wig.


Choose the right size and style of braided wigs

Make sure you have the right size and style for your head and face shape. As braided wigs come in a variety of sizes, it’s important to choose a size that fits your head comfortably.

You also want to choose a style that complements your face shape and looks natural.

Prepare your hair

If you have long hair, you may want to braid it or put it into a low bun to make sure it lays flat against your head.

If you have short hair, you can use a wig cap or simply slick your hair back with gel or hairspray. Make sure your hair is as flat as possible to prevent bumps or lumps from showing through the wig.

Put on the wig cap for braided wigs

A wig cap is a thin cap that fits tightly over your head and helps to keep your hair in place.

You can find wig caps in a variety of colors to match your skin tone. To put on the wig cap, simply stretch it over your head and tuck any stray hairs underneath.

Put on the braided wigs

With the wig cap in place, you’re ready to put on your braided wig. Start by holding the wig by the ear tabs and positioning it at the front of your head.

Gently pull the wig over your head, making sure the front of the wig is positioned just above your natural hairline. Once the wig is in place, use the ear tabs to adjust the fit and make sure the wig feels comfortable.

Adjust the braided wigs

Once the wig is in place, you may need to adjust it slightly to make sure it looks natural and feels comfortable. Use a comb or your fingers to gently adjust the wig and make sure it’s sitting evenly on your head. You can also adjust the wig’s part to better suit your face shape.

Style the wig

You can use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to separate and style the braids, or you can leave the wig as is.

Some braided wigs come with a part already in place. Others may require you to create your own part using a comb. And experiment with different styles to find one that looks and feels good to you.

Care for your wig

To keep your braided wig looking its best, it’s important to care for it properly. Here are a few tips:

  • Store the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head to help it keep its shape.

  • Wash the wig regularly, using a wig shampoo and conditioner.

  • Let the wig air dry completely before styling or storing it.

  • Avoid using heat tools on the wig, as this can damage the fibers.

  • Keep the wig away from direct sunlight and heat sources, as this can also damage the fibers.

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