How to Create Those Mermaid Waves

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Mermaid waves are a popular hairstyle that features loose, voluminous waves that cascade down the length of the hair. This style is perfect for those who want to achieve a beachy, effortless look. While it may seem daunting at first, creating mermaid waves is actually quite easy. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create those mermaid waves with crimping.

Start with clean, dry hair

Mermaid waves look best on clean, dry hair. If you have just washed your hair, make sure to thoroughly dry it with a hairdryer. If your hair is already dry, you can skip this step.

Apply a heat protectant for crimping

Before you start using any hot tools on your hair, it’s essential to apply a heat protectant. This will prevent your hair from getting damaged by the heat. Apply the heat protectant spray to your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends, where you will be using the curling iron.

Divide your hair into sections To make it easier to create the mermaid waves, you should divide your hair into sections. You can do this by using clips or hair ties. The number of sections you create will depend on the thickness of your hair. For thin hair, you can divide it into two sections, while for thicker hair, you may need to create four or more sections.

Start curling crimping your hair

Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the barrel of the curling iron, starting at the mid-length of your hair. Hold the curling iron in place for a few seconds, then release the curl. Repeat this process for all the sections of your hair.

Alternate the direction of the curls crimping

To create a more natural look, you should alternate the direction of the curls. This means that you should curl some sections of your hair away from your face, while others should be curled towards your face. This will help create a more tousled, beachy look.

Use your fingers to comb through your hair

Once you have curled all the sections of your hair, use your fingers to gently comb through your hair. This will help separate the curls and create a more natural, tousled look.

Apply a texturizing spray

To give your mermaid waves more texture and volume, you can apply a texturizing spray. This will also help hold the curls in place. Spray the texturizing spray evenly throughout your hair.

Finish with hairspray

To ensure that your mermaid waves last all day, finish off with a strong hold hairspray. Hold the hairspray can about 10 inches away from your hair and spray lightly. Avoid spraying too much hairspray, as this can make your hair stiff and crunchy.

In conclusion, creating those mermaid waves is a straightforward process that requires a few tools and some patience. With these simple steps, you can achieve the perfect beachy waves that will make you feel like a mermaid. Remember to always use a heat protectant and alternate the direction of the curls to create a more natural look.

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